New results available to download

If you are following the TINKER’s developments in detail, you might be interested in discovering the most recent progress on the material side of the project. Two new reports are now available in the download section of our webpage, describing the newly developed prototypes.

First report demonstrates a prototype of NIL resist with high reflective index, which is both ink-jet compatible and nanoimprintable. It is previewed to act as a functional material in the waveguides of the optical phase arrays of the LiDAR sensor demonstrators in TINKER. Inkjet printing of the high refractive index resist allows for digital deposition of the material specifically to locations where it is needed. Additionally, it allows for variation of the layer thickness to accommodate for the varying volume filling in the structures.

Finally, the second report introduces the newly developed inkjettable materials. On one hand, it presents the high metal content UV curable inks, which enable conductive patterns with appropriate physical structure and are compatible with rigid and flexible polymeric substrates. On the other hand, it describes UV-(LED) curable dielectric materials with low shrinkage properties and inks with high thermal conductivity, which will allow a sufficient heat transport. 

To discover the reports in more detail, consult the downloads section.

Source: Inkron Oy (Project Partner)